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X-ray X Line
Date : 28/05/2024
This product Made in Italy
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Highlights and benefits
Touchscreen next to patient
Possibility to set all parameters while positioning the patient is a benefit for smooth workflow — resulting in ergonomy and speed to acquire the image and make it ready for diagnosis.
Remote control of the unit from the PC screen allows the adjustment of settings without the need to run back and forth to the patient.
Quick positioning
Frontal mirror, laser beams and easy positioning picture guide on the touchscreen are available to ensure the patient’s head is in optimal position to capture the desired region.
Quick cephalometrics
When you need to take a Cephalometric image, patient positioning is even faster. A one-shot CEPH image is acquired in less than 1 second, preventing patient movement and ensuring the best image quality.
Smart backlight
The light glow not only has the aesthetics effects and calms down the patient, but also signals the unit status and informs the operator from a distance.
Safe & easy
Due to the automatic sensor rotation, it is not necessary to move or detach the sensor between Panoramic, 3D and Cephalometric modes. It requires zero effort, without the risk of manually handling an expensive sensor
Comfortable operation
Once the patient is positioned, simply hold the exposure button. The smart backlight guides you through the progress of image acquisition and automatically communicates it to the software.
Instantly upgradeable
The unit can be installed with or without OneShot ceph arm. It is ready for field upgrade for Cephalometric arm later.
Plug & Play concept
Stellaris Family is ready to use immediately, as it comes with a pre-installed tower computer or with an optional laptop in the case of Stellaris 2D/2D Ceph, and with the latest imaging software OrisWin DG Suite by Xline.
Automatic metal artifact reduction amar
Metal artifacts distort in CBCT imaging. Stellaris 3D automatic metal detection reduces those effects to minimum.
Automatic noise reduction anr
The presence of noise in 3D images can disturb the visibility especially in ENDO applications. Xline ANR technology performs automatic reduction of noise.
Advanced technology for best results
The latest technology on board has been used to achieve a high level of image details, the advanced kinematic motions allow smooth and quite unit operation.
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